Bankruptcy Survival and Life Thereafter

Bankruptcy Survival and Life Thereafter

Bankruptcy Survival and Life Thereafter

The Coronavirus Shutdown has caused enormous damage to small business. The Bloomberg report below covers the ramifications. However, this article may cover some solutions for your individual situation.

Bloomberg Special Report: The Bankruptcy Breakdown

Bloomberg Markets and Finance Aug. 1 — In 2020, bankruptcy has gone from a last resort for struggling companies to “the new normal.” Blaming it on the coronavirus alone is too simple. Lisa Abramowicz hosts an in-depth look at the sudden surge in corporate defaults, how it’s affecting investors, and why policy makers are finding it challenging to contain the damage.


Things Can Seem Hopeless When Dealing With A Bankruptcy

But There Can Be Life After (And During) Bankruptcy

There Are Several Options Available To You Depending On Your individual Situation.
Let’s Take A look At Some Of These Options:

  1. If you are in bankruptcy on your small business, why not start a new business corporation (completely separate from business currently in bankruptcy), and emerge with a new financial life. BANKRUPTCY SURVIVAL

2. If you are in personal bankruptcy, why not get started on building a seperate financial life for yourself. Here’s how to do it. STARTING OVER AFTER COVID PANDEMIC

Difference between Chap 7, 11, 12 and 13 bankruptcy

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